Thermoformed Products

Thermoforming is a generic term for the manufacturing of plastic components through the vacuum or pressure forming processes. An overview of the single-sheet thermoforming process consists of heating extruded plastic sheet and forming the sheet over a male mold or into a female mold. Depending on what type of mold a customer selects, the thermoforming process allows the customer the ability to receive a part with the same aesthetic properties as an injection-molded part at a fraction of the tooling expense involved when you compare the cost in injection molding.

There are many types of Thermoforming process is availble. For example single sheet thermoforming,Plug assisted,Pressure forming,Vaccumforming ,twin sheet thermoforming. Twin-sheeting is heating two sheets of plastic and then forming and sealing the two sheets of plastic together during the forming process.Materials like PVC, ABS, PETG, ACRYLIC, PP, HDPE can be thermoformed upto 10 mm thickness. In some cases, the twin-sheeting process produces parts that resemble a blow-molded part, but the twin sheeting process allows the customer to receive a higher quality, more aesthetic part also a two color part,  if required.

At THERMOPACK we do Heavy Gauge Thermoforming includes ABS, ACRYLIC, HDPE, PP, PVC, PETG, Polycarbonate sheets to cover various equipments such as medical devices,outdoor equipments,auto parts,tractor roofs,golf cart roofs Etc…These process Sometimes referred to as thick gauge Thermoforming also.Mainly these products were used to create sturdy rigid enclosures for equipment such as computers,radomes, electronic enclosures,exercise equipment,small car body parts also.

Materials used in the Heavy gauge Thermoforming includes ACRYLIC, HDPE, LPPE, PP, PVC, PETG ,Polycarbonate. Our Heavy gauge Thermoforming expertise allows us to produce custom made plastic parts with an elegant look for Medical Devices,Outdoor equipments such as Car tyre Inflator, Fram equipment tractor roofs,Golf cart roofs etc…. Another advantage of Heavy gauge Thermoforming, is lower tooling cost and much lower minimum quantity runs. Economical low-volume runs are possible with thick gauge thermoforming as opposed to much more expensive upfront tooling cost of injection molding. All of this is achieved, while controlling the aesthetics and incorporating the colors and branding of our customers.