Medical Panel Cover

Custom thermoforming provides an economical and attractive solution to manufacturing quality, large and aesthetically pleasing enclosures, panels, trays, covers and sidewalls. Thermoforming provides parts similar to injection molding but at a much cheaper per price cost. Thermoforming medical devices offers lower cost tooling for large production and much quicker lead times to market which is often important in the medical device field. Therm O Pack has the expertise, engineering assistance and proven experience to make your custom thermoforming medical device needs a reality.

We at Thermopack Thermoform ABS enclosures for Dental Chairs, Hospital Beds, Surgical Tables, Ophthalmic chairs. We also Vacuumform Acrylic Doom for Baby warmer otherwords called as Incubators where transparency is most important. We serve to medical Industry in many ways including supply of Kidney trays, Gamma Stable trays for sterilization purpose.

The plastics used for thermoforming for hospital equipments are carefully inspected and selected; they are classed as totally non-toxic and comply with current standards. Our health and well-being are largely dependant on the safety of our environment. Therm O Pack has always been conscious of the importance of safeguarding the quality, integrity and safety of its products and is an ideal partner for the development of :

  • Thermoforming for Dental chair enclosures
  • Thermoforming of Acrylic for incubators manufacturing
  • Thermoformed ¬†parts for hospital beds
  • Vacuumformed scan panel covers