Electronic Industry

Electronic Industry is one of the upcoming industry worldwide. The flow of Electronic items to the market is endless. One should take utmost care in handling the Electronic components which means packaging of such items need attention and concentration For more than two decades Thermopack has been in the leading stand in providing ESD PROTECTIVE electronics packaging. For instance Computer microchip that are very minute in size, hard-drive, cellphones etc need high quality packaging for the reason that they are brittle and costly.

So we use ESD trays for packaging which serves the purpose. We export specialty ESD trays to more than seven countries across the world. These ESD trays ranges from E03 to E10 We manufacture and supply products to various fields in Electronic Industries such as OPTICAL FIBRE CABLE manufacturer- Panel Covers, Packaging Trays etc.

DISK DRIVE INDUSTRY- PackagingSEMI CONDUCTOR INDUSTRY- Packaging and Handling Trays CONSUMER ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY- Packaging, Handling and Display Trays Our ESD (ELECTRO STATIC DISSIPATIVE TRAYS) also known as Anti static trays are very strong that the Electronic Items, Hardware items and other computer items get the best packaging to be travelled intact anywhere around the world.