Consumer Products Packaging Industry

In the present scenario, the market is fully loaded with consumer products. Costly products such as Television, Washing Machine, Refrigerators etc and small products such as cosmetics steal the show. These products attract people largely by their uniqueness in feature. Thermopack helps these manufacturing companies to achieve their targets by providing that most expected unique part of the product. At Thermopack, we manufacture the part which is vital in Washing Machine. They are small in size but a onsumer expects to be present in the Machine. One such is the Rat Cover beneath the Machine, Back Cover of the Washing Machine for its protection as the name suggests.

Switch Covers for Refrigerators At Thermopack we manufacture, Blister Packing Trays for Cosmetic items such as face cream, Powder, Eyeliners etc . At Thermopack we manufacture motor covers, Packing Cups which may vary according to the customer. This kind of packaging replaces Thermocol packaging.

For washing machines

  • Wasing machine Rat covers
  • Wasing machine Back covers
  • Motor guide covers
  • Packing cups to replace thermocoloe packaging

For Refrigerators

  • Refrigerator switch covers