Vacuumformed Products

Therm O Pack can design and supply thermoformed and vacuumformed trays for safe transport of your components inside or outside your factory. These trays offer you an ideal solution to safely move products and components from location to location in your facility on your end and to customer safely and damage free. We Do Vacuumforming of various plastic sheets such as ABS, HDPE, PP and HIPS for Handling tray applications, Engineering component packing, stacking and to cover machines. We also custom vacuumform these materials depends of application and requirement of customer.

We have Inhouse facility to make Protos,moulds and a highly qualified design team to find right solution to clients vacuum forming requirements. Usualy the development of a new products are done in a week to 10 days time depends on profile and size of product required.

Therm O Pack entire arsenal single station thermoformers utilizes the latest technology in software and controllers. This ensures a quality vacuum, pressure or twin-sheet molded part is produced on a consistent basis each and every time. Thermopack’s equipment is maintained and updated to incorporate the latest upgrades, heating science and mechanical requirements. This assures Thermopack commitment to being the leader in forming of new and improved materials to meet every application.