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Automobile Sector

Using thermoforming or vacuumforming technique there are several items manufcatured for Automboile industry.For example the complete Interior components of Luxury buses were made using thermoformed ABS sheets.

ABS/PMMA multilayer thermoformed sheets are being used in Passenger car,Truck,earth moving vehicles Interiors and exteriors applications using technique called back injection moulding or foaming.
In the above pictures the doors,trims,door steps,front panels are thermoformed using co-extruded multilayer sheets .Metallic effects with excellent gloss and UV-resistance are the advantages of these vacuumformed products.This process eliminates painting and thus significantly reduces production cost,combine good impact and stiffness properties
Apart from these using thermoforming technic we manufacture handling trays used in auto industry and also in electrical and electonic industries for handling or transporting intrigated components safely
Medical sector:
In medical applications the most of the equipments are either vacuumformed or thermofmored due to low volume.Usualy these components are big in size for which thermoforming tool cost will be much low compare to Injection moulding also the development time.
From operating rooms to the disposable products we all use from artificial heart valves to "blister" packaging for drugs from complex CAT scan systems to biotechnology there are products and components in every sphere of healthcare that are designed and manufactured with plastics, using thermoforming technology
Disposable items like blister packing are used to pack needles,Injections tablets and other medicines also.
Hotel Industry:
Thermoforming plays a vital role in Food and Hotel Industry to pack the food items,fruits,take aways and refrigirator packing methods Following are some pictures for examples of application
We at Thermopack manufacture Disposable as well as reusable
Thermoformed Food Plates and Trays as above.
Agricultural Industry:
The safety windows in agricultural machines and excavators and the helmets for machine tool operators are now made with new plastics that guarantee exceptional reliability, they are perfectly transparent, flameproof and are resistant to UV light
We at Thermopack manufacture Seed tray in different sizes for the Agro Industry.These trays are available in the form of disposable as well as reusable types.
Other Industry:
Thermoforming is widely used in Electrical and Electronic indutries,Toys manufacturing,small plastic component manufacturing industries mining indurtries,marine indutries,battery manufacturing industries militeries and other various industries either to pack their products or used as part of their products.
Especialy Anti static trays to pack Electronic circuit boards are very famous vacuumformed products in the Industry.Therm O Pack has a separate clean room facility to manufacture such products in PET and PVC.

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